Nehru trophy boat race tickets

Room rental on double occupancy

Homestay -Guesthouse 1 day stay

 Budget Option - (2 Occupancy-Rate per person) Booked Out                                                             700

Mid-Option                                                                                                                                          800

Top End Option- (2 Occupancy-Rate per person)In Homestay, Guest House                                    1000

Resort 1 day stay

Top End Option - (2 Occupancy-Rate per person)                                                                              1800

Top End Option A/c Room- (2 Occupancy-Rate per person)                                                              2100

 Top End Lake Resort (2 Occupancy-Rate per person) Booked Out                                                  1300


Hotels 1 day stay

Top End Option - (2 Occupancy-Rate per person)                                                                           1500


Houseboats Booking Options (Over Night Stay 12.00 Noon to 9.00am)

1 bedroom houseboat A/c (Rate per Couple) 9000

2 bedroom houseboat A/c (Rate for 4 people) 13000

3 bedroom houseboat A/c (Rate for 6 people) 16000

5 bedroom houseboat A/c (Rate for 10 people)27000

Rooms are available only for guests booking Kerala Nehru Trophy boat race tickets through Jonson alappuzha Snake boat race tickets @ Rs. 1800/- per person

Special 2015 Houseboat Offer
Johnson is organizing day trips on his houseboat at affrodable rates for Nehru Trophy Boatrace 2015.Only Rs. 1800/- per person for a day tour starting 12.00 noon till 5.30 p.m(Inclusive of veg lunch/tea/snacks).Another important gesture for his guests from the gregarious Johnson Gilbert.Dates for the day-trip are 6th,7th,8th of August



For those who may wish to leave early, Johnson has a motorized canoe or standby.Guests can leave when they please.At extra cost of Rs. 500/- for drop - off.The regular ride back to town at end of race is included in the ticket costs. The extra Rs. 500/- charged is only for those who wish to leave early.