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Nehru Trophy Boat Race reviews/roll call of Nehru trophy boat race tickets

Reviews of guests who happily enjoyed the 2013 Nehru trophy boat race finals

To: johnson gilbert

Hi Johnson,

We all really enjoyed our stay in Allepey. Your crew is amazingly nice and the boat race was spectacular. I guess this time of year is especially busy for you so we understand you did not have too much time for us.

Cheers, Sylvain Le 13 août 2013 à 19:45, johnson gilbert a écrit :

Hi, I did not have time to say a proper goodbye to everyone after the race. I hope you enjoyed the overall experience that i gave you in Alleppey? Sorry I could not give more personal attention.


To: johnson gilbert
Oh, yes!...I forgot to tell you--yes, we did find a taxi to fort cochin that night...we understood that you were overwhelmed, so we went ahead on our own...

The snake boat race was fun, but yes the day does get dragged on a bit...but I enjoyed the overall experience.

Thank you.


For the 2014 Nehru trophy boat race season we will list the names of all those who participate

The Nehru trophy boat race tickets sold to :

1) Mr.Sengupta &Family

2)Mr. Albert David & Family